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Monday, 10 December 2012

warns me to leave...

i don't know
what i am going to bring out from it.
people comes
and time brings them.
time brings them near me,
everyone needs clear of me.
few of them live in
and rest of them are just moving in
when they live here
something brings them near,
near of nothing but near of me .
and later  i am surrounded
i am surrounded of fear.
because i can hear
i can hear the beat of their feet
which warns me to leave...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

won the show.

i gotta go with your flow
sneaking in and walking down
crumbling down and rising then.

i got to know ,
inside the show.

driving hard and loving the plain ,
leaving past and killing the strain.

i gotta go with your flow
sneaking in and walking down
crumbling down and rising then.

i learnt to  throw
and won the show.

clinching smile and traveling mile
falling hard and shouting loud

i reached the top and all above.
i failed to stop and won the love 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

when u leave

wanna run away
from every bay
nothing seems right to me
no matter how much i see
its just it becomes more hazy
the more i look into thee
feels m standing still noway
every passerby has nothing to say
those i try to hold on
dont even feel my way
purpose has no touch beneath
foot is on a thorny sheet
look i try and jump underneath
but the floor also closes up for a person like me.

Monday, 19 November 2012

i wish i could

i wish i could
but never thought i should

ya it depends
it depends upon my will
but i wonder who gonna feel

i was drowned
and was waiting for it to be healed
but  unfortunately my pain was sealed

but again i wish
i wish i could
but never thought i should....

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

waiting for a day

something got vanished
on the way .....................
ya i wasn't relaxed....
ya i wasn't loosed...
but it was the way
i never crossed......
i never crossed the month may
i was never eased with this stay...
ya i wasn't waiting for the fay....
but i was waiting for a day..........
waiting for a day
waiting for a day 

Monday, 22 October 2012

dancing under the fragrant shower....

something and sometime
or rather everything and everytime
i pick it up and walk
i figure out the bleeding hour
of an unknown morning shower.

but it remains only till the shower
not until i rest under the aroma of a flower.                                  

you may ask of 'the bleeding hour'
but i know not about the' aroma of that flower.'

not because you gonna heal it
rather you wanna feel it.....

feeling it may hurt u also
but again you are .........

you are the dejected petal of that aromatic flower ....                                       
and am the style and stigma of her'
resting into her bathe.
dancing under the fragrant shower.....

(petals : are modified leaves that surround the reproductive parts of flowers)
(style and stigma :-are the parts of flower )

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Shedding tree

To be into or not to be
is what we feel like
is what we are confused of .

resting upon the thought
i was all confused about,
moving in or moving out.

so u were caught to put me out
and hence i was brought to the thought
lets get into it
lets shed into it.
because shedding tree never cares
 of your grinning face
it sheds it sheds and leaves you 
griming and  bemiring.

Friday, 28 September 2012


every new day..
has its own say
 coming again and again
in its own outlined way..

but near my door
it reached and clinched
and registered its valor
with a new say
and in  the very next stride
it declined his stay
and i was thrown aside a bay

i was reminded again and again
that "
every new day..
has its own say

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Tale

how stupid is my anger
how stupid is my maze
and u still take it
as yet another tale
and u still handle it
with a smile on ur face
I get lost in this piece of say
looking at ur patience in the way
that “angels sometimes are meant to stay” 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

waiting for a morning

waiting for a morning
a morning beneath the tweedling sparrows
a morning dwelling away from nipping sorrows.

i slept that night
just waiting for it
in the woeful plight.

just with the hope that
what i was dreaming of
i may arrive into reeling of.

but anyhow i started my journey
and went into the feeling of.

the feeling untouched
the feeling unswayed.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

For u

Time has been harsh on me
why? is what u will ask from me

before replying i thought too deep
yet the time played smart on me

with a drooped face i stood there awhile
with u having a question all the while

still my mind went deep and deep
with question on ur face underneath

digging a lot i finally found
an answer to your question aloud

together we are and together we will
time has no role within
unconditionally i stand and so i will
till u get that soulmate therein.

Monday, 17 September 2012

through dark open skies....

ya i feel i will be dragged alone
i feel i will be dredged along

i will be sitting alone on the ridge.
and no one will be there to seize.
no one will be there to seize my arms
no one will be there to squeeze my cheek of charms.

nights will be no longer full of fights
but will be through dark open skies....

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


hearing u laugh
made my day

i just wished
it could forever stay

the smile spread on my face
thinking about the twinkle in your gaze

oh , i will not let it move away
till i can hold it with my last breath so as to say.

Monday, 10 September 2012

it remains

hanging in between the consciousness and unconsciousness
i battle for the day full of blitheness
still i beat the heat of bitterness
but question remains till what extent.
till what extent i end up enjoying
till what extent i find the day gleaming

i sit straight and laugh exquisitely
because i fear the laughter may vanish
the laughter may vanish in between my veins

ya but let it be ....lets forget ..lets forget how it pains
the question is not how it pains
the question is till what time it remains

now i can say someone is with me
who remains with me
who remains with me when i laugh
who remains with me when i cry
 because i have to laugh still when it pains.

Friday, 7 September 2012


absence has no language indeed
just it makes the thought go deep
sometimes putting a blame on me
sometimes leaving it to destiny.
time has changed a picture complete
different shades has known to keep
changing the shape of my destiny.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

today i woke up

today i woke up...
i woke up in the middle of the journey...
the journey which didn't had any destination...
still i was heading forward..
still i was keen toward
i was keen toward the aimless journey
i was keen toward the tireless journey
bcz it didn't need any open eyes

ya it was closed one
it was closed path
it was closed eyes
everything was closed
but still was the zeal

and i needed more time to travel it
i was in search
i was in search of tireless and fearless
long journey that could  heal something
something i wasn't awared of
but was feared of
but was feared of.

Friday, 31 August 2012

"the truth"

i "feel" or
i can say "i think"
what gonna happen
if someday i gonna know "the truth"
the truth  from which you people are not awared
or you people do not wanna face "the truth"

"the truth" is .........
oh! wait
don't be silly
don't be queasy

this truth is meant only for me
not for she '
or not for he
rather also not for thee

the truth is
i also don't know the truth....

ya but i feel ....i gonna leave u all soon...
oh! wait
am not gonna die.

ya but feel
काश  मुझे  भी ये  truth मालूम  होता !

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I or WE

oh! no
its we......
let it be..
lets start with "I"
I just feel the pain
but need
"we" to heal the strain....
why we live with no loss no gain...
why we need to share the pain....

but again someone will say
why i should stay just to portray
as i have no pain and strain
just to prove " no loss no gain" ....

if you could prove
you  are ready to bargain....
then i am ready to bear the loss without the gain.

oh! sory
we gonna bear the loss without gain....

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

एक आस...!

       ज़िन्दगी  से मै जो खफा खफा सा  रहने  लगा
       मिला   था  कोई यहाँ
       पर वो भी कहीं खोया -खोया सा रहने  लगा
       मासूम था मै कभी
       पर अपनी मासूमीयत से भी महरूम हो  गया
       पास   बैठी  चिड़िया भी 
       अब पास ना  रह गयी थी
       इस नदिया की धारा
       भी अब चंचल ना रह गयी थी

       बस आस है उस बगीया से
       जिसकी कलियाँ मूझे निहार रही थी .........

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thinking Through

sitting behind i thought so deep
where do i belong and where do i keep.

thinking long made me sleep
with my thoughts in my dreams.

puzzled at the end was all i could be
searching amidst the faces ,
a face i wanted to see.

even my sleep couldnt reach to thee 
still i sit behind and think equally deep.

Friday, 17 August 2012

sweetness in her charm..

from the dole of doves....
to the farm of cloves.

and from the role of  love
to the charm of  jay...
I could stay whole day
With the realm of  fay…

From  the wheel of the tram
 To the city of bay…
I could feel the sweetness
in her charm..
as long as i stay

Sunday, 5 August 2012

bashing brawl...

 Am i alone...
or someone is there to call me upon
but if i am alone..
i am afraid of being thrown..
i am afraid of being blown..
so i asked her '
lets  stroll with the shadow of my soul
bcz i crawl and no one  is with me
 in this bashing brawl...
so lets stroll ...lets stroll...
bcz i am alone.....

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

i find no reason to celebrate....

she has been so deliberate,
i need something to compensate
but before that i have to find
why does she underestimate
i had never been so passionate
and so now i do repent
on ' why does she met?
i find no reason to celebrate....

Friday, 27 July 2012

cheerful delight

may be i wanna hold her tight..
may be wanna kiss her in the morning light..
may be i wanna be her  cheerful delight.
but i wonder
if she gonna be or not
 if she gonna be through my thought

Thursday, 26 July 2012

do i need to be so curious...?

i was so curious..
but i wasn't so serious..
because she was mysterious.
letting my mind uproarious
something was there driving me furious
something was inside me 
hovering and brooding
dwelling and looming
do i need to be so curious...?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

i can't explain.....

don't know..
what dragged me to your lane...
being known that i gave you only pain..
but it was needed or not...i can't explain.
i know it was my fault...
but i was not alone who put it to halt

Friday, 20 July 2012

endless walk

i walk...
i walk over miles..
but surrender when she smiles.'
then i just start to wait
wait and wait
just to hold her
just to hug her
 because i know..
gonna get her ...
not just to walk miles...
but to hold her tight and
to keep her always thru my sight.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


every day every bay.

u wanna start your day.....

every morning ...every evening.
u wanna sing ...
आ जा पास दे दूँ तुझे  मै  अपना ये दिल
रूठ  ना  बस एक बार  आ  कर तू  मिल .
मै  जानू  ना  क्यों है ये मुश्किल .

Saturday, 7 July 2012

something she never did.

something you never did.
something you never wished.
but now if u have done it..
i know you won't ever loose it.
although you cherish
but you are afraid.
because one day it may perish.
but sory...!
i never knew
one day your something will become everything.

Monday, 2 July 2012

what should i call you

do i know you..?
strolling down the road...
and dwelling upon the thought..
i inquired again ..
do i need to heed so much about.
but it remained dwelling..
at last it went so fast..
and i took a start.
but again one thing remained
unanswered and unsettled,and it was
"what should i call you"

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

an unknown heat

she was going away...
but i wondered was she going away really?
i was afraid...
will she go away from the door of my heart.
or will i be just left apart.
so i asked her not to .
not to turn back ..
as i was going to hault my beat.
i was feeling nothing under my feet..
was just burning down
in an unknown  heat.................

Monday, 18 June 2012


i strive..
i strive to draw something
i strive to define something..
bcz i want to confine something
in that drawn boundries
in that defined  regulations.
bcz someone left it undefined.

Friday, 15 June 2012

haulted beat of my heart

i know
the day will come
when the sun will rise...
early in the morning.
straight through my closed eyes
straight through my haulted beat
my skin will not be able to feel its heat
my eyes will not dare to open
right through the sky
bcz at that very moment my soul will fly.
and will you be there to cry?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

song of heart

find you in every corner...
with every beat the heart ticks...
ask the god to carry you along...
and so you are the ferry of this song.
tried to move alone..
but you carried me along.

So live with me in every song...
as long as my heart heart ticks along.............

Monday, 21 May 2012


silently it came along
holding ,covering and staying for long
i tried to get rid of it
it draped me more under it
running also never helped
hence hands down
i accepted hollowness

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

a walk

walking behind
the shadow is mine,
yet i feel someone is behind.
walking along
is my own thought,
yet i feel someone holds me along.
walking ahead
is the empty space,
yet i feel the footprints laid.
finally i think m not alone
somebody moves
with the body and soul.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

state of mind

i am with a state of mind
with its own kind
although i have put everything behind
hope i could find,
the state of my mind.
with its own kind.'
there is no reason to remain blind..
because the path i am
following, is already defined.

Monday, 7 May 2012


why is this a strange face
hovering in mind again and again,
with two perspective at one stay
my eyes look at it today
one shares the thought forgetting every talk,
other drills at words spoken too harsh.
each covering the other at every bay
oh! what a strange face it displays.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The dusky night

strolling down the hills..
with fingers crossed..
playing the tune of my heart ..
The dusky night rides down the sky..
as if going home with me..
with a grinning face ..
asking me to chase..
and cheerful smile.
for a walk of mile.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

mist of my mind.

i exist underneath this the gist....or just the mist of my mind.
i breathe beneath you.but your love lies on the crest.which my eyes tells you the rest.

you are just not the best...
but also i don't exist for the rest.

Friday, 27 April 2012


should i define or
should i defy.
or should u rely
 i have nothing..'
and i won't defy.
i'll be just glaring in your eyes.
its the place where my heart lies.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


aankhe hai nam,
thaher jane do is nami ko.
pighal raha hun har pal,
bhul jaane de teri kami ko.
simta hun mai,
khoya hun mai,
teri yaadon ke aagosh mein....
rota hun, chikhta hun.....
phir bhi khaamosh hun mai........

Friday, 20 April 2012


i saw,

i saw her and lost,

amidst  the crimson path of 

memory lane..

asked her "do u desire "

or still you are a lier".

she stared at me..

and said "you are the only solitary 

nest of this bird"

"whom i desire and admire".

it seemed it was her

quest for the love.

and i was the nest for this dove.


Saturday, 14 April 2012


i  was lying down...
and was carried away
had nothing in my way.
was sleeping
but eyes remained open
throughout the night.
just accompnied by haze ..
and wispy light .
kicked away all my dreams.
sticked with absoluteness.
and so i came to know she is my weakness.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


कोई ढूँढ दे वो महफील
जहाँ गूंजे मेरा तराना ....
हम तो गूंजते  हैं  उस
महफील में
जिसे कहते हैं मैखाना ...
है तो ये बस एक बहाना
हमें तो बस है जाम छलकाना
ना  जरूरत है .
ना हसरत है
फिर क्यों है ये पैमाना
निकल जाऊं उस गली में
जिसके लिए छोड़ दिया ज़माना

ज़माना ......

कोई ढूँढ दे वो महफील
जहाँ गूंजे मेरा तराना ....
कोई ढूँढ दे वो महफील
जहाँ गूंजे मेरा तराना ....
कोई ढूँढ दे वो महबूब
जिसे   पा , छोड़ दूँ ये  ज़माना   ......

Monday, 9 April 2012


do you need me
or do you exist in me....
won't tremble if u don't ..
won't fumble if u don't...
but whenever you go humble
 i do crumble
i do crumble....
because i exist
and i exist just to keep u here...
else we'll meet there.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Tonight am on height..
with the passion and delight.
and m in no mood to fight.
just  wanna do everything right.
you may cry and i might.
but wanna always in sight,
in the crispy moon light.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


why i move around...?
i know you may fly.
you know,i may die.
but still you hover..
but i know its over.
why don't u wait...?
still its not late .
i know you won't.
you know it haunts...

Thursday, 29 March 2012

SHADOW of essence

i was walking away 
with the shadow .
shadow of my heart..
shadow of my essence.
though its the proof of my presence.
i used to loose it in the darkness
but its not my absence.
i exist ...i exist..i exist.
its just the mist.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


when  i take a move on her...
the world limits to a point ...
and it is a sight on height..
 not in the night ,
but in the flight of vastness of blueness.
 they think its a foolishness .
but only i know that how
she moves in  galore.
pulling me away from pallor.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


हम मोहब्बत नही ....
हिफाज़त करते हैं ....
दिल को रख कर बगल ...
उनकी सलामती की  दुआ करते हैं  ....
फ़िर भी हर उस पल उसने किया
बेदखल .......
जिस पल लिख रहा था ग़ज़ल ....
उन्हें क्या खबर...
  हर ग़ज़ल में झलकती
शोखियत है...
ये शिकायत नही .....
मोहब्बत है..

Saturday, 17 March 2012


when you can't define
your own divine..
its not worth loving someone
about whom you express
"she is mine"
its not about drawing a line
but its about how you
"make your love shine"

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

ailing evening

The beautiful evening was on her way,
But suddenly , she was in no mood to move away
She started crying ,and was begging.....
     it was the season of THE MAY.
Then the chirping sparrows
stared, glanced ,smiled.
They snogged, the evening cried hard,
but bosomed the little sparrows,
And then replied,
 "This is the night which
always comes in my way
and takes my love away".
The sparrows stared at each other.
The evening asked the sparrows to help her
And said that please take this letter
to my love.
And moved back to go away,
Before that ,she shed a tear and said
"I am missing you my dear morning........... "

Monday, 12 March 2012

realm of fay....

standing on a  cliff ..
watching far winging feather
the scarlet and softness appeared together
 she asked me to say...
but didn't know  how to portray ...
it was just a  day ...
 of the enchanted realm of fay....

but i wondered
how can be a ferry 
will glance in the light..
although its a stance in the twilight.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


बूंदों के गिरने से ...
खिल उठती थी  वो प्यारी  सी  झील ...
जिसकी  ठंडक से
 मचल जाया करता था मेरा दिल
फूलों की खुशबू में
जिसे बाग़ से चुरा लाया करता था
उस  बाग़ का माली था मैं
बस यूँहीं गया था भूल
और उन  पलों को जो खोता  मैं जा रहा था
रोशन कर पाया उन्हें ,  हटा कर हताशा की धूल....

Friday, 9 March 2012

a walk on the BeAt

i move on the verge...
 but need your beat to surge...

oh! dear..
just give me the beat of your heart...
i'll make this my part...
and i know you never ever will discard.
it will be  the warmth in my land...
because i'll never keep it apart.and will carry u in my hand

Thursday, 1 March 2012

बचपन ..

भर आया आँखों में आंसू ,
याद  कर  अपना  बचपन ..
क्या था ऐसा भी
वो मेरा कल ?
याद कर रो देता कभी कभी
लगता जैसे   बीता हो ये  अभी अभी.
जाता नहीं कभी नज़र  से   ,ऐसे थे वो  मेरे पल .
माँ की गोद में बीता था वो मेरा कल..
यूँ सोच कर दिल में होती एक अजीब सी हलचल..
की , क्या कभी फिर से लौट कर आयेंगे
वो मीठे मीठे से पल .
हर पल में.... हर दिल के किसी कोने में
है वो बचपन ,
हर याद हर एहसास  में उछलता
है वो बचपन .
हर मोड़  पे  लौटा  है
जिस लम्हा तुमने सोचा ,
क्या लौटेगा वो बचपन  ?



oh babe..
i have grown nothing...
but i have seen everything ...
i never felt so strong...
i moved all along...
far away...
but don't know which way..
.in you...!
i have been drowning..been falling...
watching the star in the night...
through the eyes of yours..
i have been sneaking....
through the smiles of yours...


watching you....
staring you....
glaring you.....
this is all what i did ....
this is all where i reached...
asking myself how i did....
asking myself how it seemed...
oh! believe me .....
oh! plz hold me...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


i got all along you...
i lost all inside you...
stared ...n stared all the way just you...
got stucked...
someone drew himself closer to you...
i shoved along...
now i was not in you....
 slept alone
thought i am done....
opened my eyes just in the middle of the night...
glared outside the little open window...
thought you'll be alone ..
watching me...
waiting for me...
but now it wasn't bearable...
it wasn't acceptable.....
still you went on smiling...
you went on shining....
you never spoke...
nor you uttered...
so how you would now...
covered my face...
i shrouded myself....
asked myself who is he....
shouted ....screamed...
oh! something blotched....
its the little star ......
who is so far.....
who is so far.....


Sunday, 26 February 2012


oh! girl....
i need freedom..
because you give yourself seldom..
please don't come closer....
i don't wanna be a loser....

oh! girl....
just go away...
i will have my own way....
because i don't wanna be a loser....

oh! girl
i need my own space...
please don't give me a chase...
its getting late...just leave this place...
because i don't wanna be a loser....

Friday, 24 February 2012


i live in a place..
 no one z here to give me a  chase...
no one z here to jolt...
no one z here to  assault...
 i smile with a fear..
no one z here to hear...
no one z here to cheer..
i live in a place...
no one z here to shout...
so i have a doubt.....
so i have a doubt.....

Thursday, 23 February 2012


ये जो अपने होठों में समां रखी हो समा...
लगती है जैसे लालिमा ...
ये जो आँखों में है तेरा सुरमा...
हर पल है जैसे एक हसीं लम्हा...
इन लम्हों में छुपी उन शाम की यादों में .....
बसा है बस तेरा नाम...


Saturday, 18 February 2012


i was lost
i was lost somewhere..
which i couldn't define..
which i couldn't remember.
it forced me to linger..
am i still so tender..
i wasn't sure enough..
but needed to be tough..
just need a tender glance,
to redefine my stance.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


holding the air in my hand...
is this like holding  the sand...?
i tried holding both...
both just sneaked away...
but had to choose one
 to hold her memory..
Settled down conclusively
but the strong wind 
eroded me ....and my story....
the sand of memory 
wasn't their in her glory...

Monday, 13 February 2012

a long chase.....

got a coin .....although it was mine..
someone pulled my shirt ..
with a hand having no 'lines' ...
just carrying 'coins'
to count for his fate
his palm was near my hazed eyes
i couldn't speak as
i had a mouth filled with smoke
one of my hand carrying its cause..
and my second hand was all going to be the
countless shine which i can prefigure on
the little kid's face....
all i encountered the change in the state of my 'mind'...
but it wasn't the time to step 'behind'...
just to save a penny for my next 'cigarette'.
although i was standing nowhere to decide his 'fate'...
but i could have been the reason
of a shining 'face' ....
who had a long 'chase'..
and at last i had a deep 'relief'...
because at least i wasn't the reason for his 'grief'.....


Sunday, 12 February 2012


strolling down in a line staright
told his bearers upright stay
if it came tumbling down sideways
tells the story of quiet pain
whichever way it takes to be
it takes the burden of heart along
never defying its duty to keep
the eyes clear of their thorns
but the reason behind these carriers stay
enough to stimulate another there
both together just tells the tale
of love embedded in every spare
but still the reason behind it hurts
when all time u r responsible for thee
the existence ask the ques again
is this what u were meant to be
is this what u were meant to be

Saturday, 11 February 2012

FUll Moon

if i ever get down...
if i ever put myself out...
just be with my thought...
stay with me till there
is the night of darkness ...
just be with my harshness...
it would be your kindness..
because then only i'll be
your full moon ....
and i will bring it soon...
so ........

just be with my harshness...
it would be your kindness..

Thursday, 9 February 2012

lost CALMness

is this the morning i have been waiting for?
came out from the room of darkness...
grinning and snarling..
saw outside with my twinkling eyes..
the twinkling stars were lost ....
but a star with its vastness
was there still near the horizon..
waiting to show his harshness
but for now it was there to redeem the lost freshness..
but was it enough to fill me up with calmness..
that i have been waiting for?
but it was still far enough .
for me this morning was still like the evening..
where i could see that
i was getting pushed away
to lost in the darkness of my snatched calmness..
i am all alone sitting solitary ,
asking myself
is this the morning i have been waiting for?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

road of darkness.......

ambling down the road of darkness.......
had started my journey
from the crowd of harshness..
started kicking away the pebbles
scattered down the road side...
it reminded me ...
of what i left behind..
i was carried away with the
thought of its kind..
now i was far away
from the crowd of harshness..
from the road of darkness...
i was in the amid of a kind
was far away
to come out of blindness
now i was far away
from the crowd of harshness..
from the road of darkness...

Monday, 6 February 2012

LIFE DIaries

accepted to all
is something new to happen
i halt and ask
is that me
and the answers are loud
yes its you
i halt and ask is that real
and the smirk replies
believe it to be
i halt and ask is it right
and the air screams
carry it along its meant for you
and then i halt and ask
would it last forever
not to my surprise, no one answers
such are life diaries.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


i have been waiting..
waited so long..
to put into something.
that moved me along...
seasons changed...
hazes moved away...
but the reasons remained the same
bcz still i keep on fighting for a name..
that makes my memories fly 
in the far sky...
but down the earth 
it makes me cry..

Monday, 30 January 2012


she is my own....
and am not alone...
all may come and go
she has come for never to go
all may stand against
she stays with hands fold
repeating it again and again
into my ear
"keep ur belief intact
m urs
and u r not alone".
with that hope i move along
with head high and spirits untold
that no matter
who comes and go
she has come to make it through.

Sunday, 29 January 2012


अभी कुछ  खोया  सा   हूँ  तुझमे ,
ठहर जाने दे 
कुछ सोया सा हूँ तुझमे ,
सो जाने दे .
सुरों से पिरो दे इस पल  को ,

कोई राग दे दे इस वक़्त को  
ऐ रागीनी
सो जाऊं इन सुरों के सहारे 
डूब जाऊं तुझमे, इनके सहारे 
करवट बदलूं ना 
कुछ और सोचूं ना
इस  डर से की ,
कहीं खो ना जाए तू इस पल से ...

Saturday, 28 January 2012

the wailing wind

i wrote ..
you smiled...

i have my words...
from your smiling world..

you have your moments....
shared from mine...

drifted my boat....
stopped at the instant...
where i could hear ...
someone whined....

i jolted suddenly...
stared around me...

got stuck ...
it was you...

asking for "what made her to whine..."
she held my hand
clutched my arms...
came near me...
and wailed
and said.....
"idiot because you were mine......."

Friday, 27 January 2012


sitting solitary in the corner of my mind...
was she a faery...?
or was i blind...?
who couldn't figure out her kind....
though i couldn't find....
she was the dove .....
asking me to remind....
who is my love....?
and that i used to follow her behind..

Thursday, 26 January 2012


let be me your only world...
let be me your only voice...
because i know,
 am gonna be your solitary choice....
because am gonna give your world
sheer  rejoice...

u call it meer selfishness of mind
or my duty behind
but this is the way i have grown to be
with ur never ending beauty

hence nothng else wuld sooth the mind
 unless u
let be me ur only world
let be me ur only voice.


got stuck with her blinking eyes...
staring up the twinkling stars...
got the wings.....
am flying high...
shaded the leaves of
drowning tears....
got the world to come up
with new high....
oh!honey...i got the shadow of yours
in the stirring sun rays...
started firing up the haze...
of my wide open eyes...
its been hurting..
and u keep on crying..

Monday, 23 January 2012

काली घटा

सुन ले मेरी ये पुकार ....
है नही ये ललकार ...
कह रही है मेरे .
जीवन की हृद्यताल ..
वक़्त की चाल में फँसा है
यह माँ का लाल .
डरता फिरता हूँ मै 
इस वक़्त से 
वक़्त में छुपे तूफ़ान से
काली घटाओं के आगोश 
में लिपटे ..
आशुओं के समान ..
कठोर बारीश की बूंदों  से,
सुन ले मेरी ये पुकार ....
है नही ये ललकार ...
कह रही है मेरे .
जीवन की हृद्यताल ...
उम्मीद थी मुझे 
उस पूनम की रात से ...
फिर भी तड़प  थी इस बात से ....
की कहीं काली घटा ....
छीन ना ले जाए ...
इस चन्दा को उसकी रात से ....

Sunday, 22 January 2012

EMPTY hands

she grizzled when saw my empty hands,
i drifted myself ...
went close to her..
still she was snarling....
as she was waiting for something ,
which i was deprived of that..
though i had nothing 
with me, i could have given her.
i just closed my eyes...
i was screaking inside ...
moved my hand ...
with fear ...
held her tight....
i slanted her right...
hugged her as she might defy...
she begged not to leave...
placed her lips close to my ears...
wetted me all along my shoulders 
with her tears...
got a divine strength ...
as it was careful witness 
of my cheerful love..without grimness