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Monday, 9 December 2013


Usually we complain , "nothing is going my way".
But before punching my keyboard i was uttering " where is my way......
i mean am i on the way or am i derailed....?
but all of sudden changed my gear
and i started hovering...

And then it was done .
I was static and started missing ....
It was a miss of those late nights sitting on the couch,
eyes fixed over a moving screen flashing those green arrows showing
files in Progress , files Downloaded ...and a smile as big as an ocean

Scene changed
It was a miss of those late nights sitting around small balconies , covering it with towels ... and staring those endless stars in the sky and in few minutes a small cloud full of smokes , hovering above us.

Scene changed
 It was a miss of those late nights when we rushed to different rooms in search of ready made assignments and Pen and papers all set to perform their duties .

Scene changed
It was a miss of those late nights murmuring near the tiny microphone all set to finish the night packs and sleeping over the mobile , and checking out those call durations of three hours barely used .

At The End
Only scene changed not "THE MISS " 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

and a life way away from smile .

what all i needed ... 'a new beginning' ,
But still with a meaning.
Got some digs in the path , got some Dirt on my way.
But all i needed was 'a new beginning'.

Because life has its own way...
what i needed was to tighten up my laces..
and brighten up my lenses  .
because it was going to be a long way.

But Because life has its own way...
I got a roof
with a proof
that life gives us the chance
to loosen up the laces
and brighten up the faces.

And it was again when life reminded
not to pull up the socks
because still we need to travel a way of mile.
and that too a road full of rocks.
and a life way away from smile .

Thursday, 14 March 2013

An hour of a wait

An hour of a wait
I search for the face
A moment of a date
I search for the lips
A day with a smile
I search for the flower
A night of a while
I search for the star
A walk of a joy
I search for the calm
A life of a charm
I search for an arm….i search for a warm……….

Monday, 18 February 2013

waited long

every minute as it passes by
more of my curosity die.
keeping still the patience within
i still sit in the chamber therein.
still no signs of footprints came

and i waited for the time to tame.
oh my curious mind
do not search for things stray
look the one you looking for
still not showing up to you
for even a minutes sake.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

a drop of tear

sometime we walk,
sometime we run,
and sometime we fly...
but when we stop
there comes a drop
a drop of tear  ,
and a heart full of fear.

it may occur because
one who is near
calls you 'dear'
but he/she is the one
who walks with you
runs with you
and flies with you........
so a drop of tear........इतना  तो बनता है यार .... :)

Friday, 11 January 2013

search !

staring in the evening,
searching for a meaning.
i was almost there
but it had lost the glare.
and remained nothing there,
which needed  no stance of stare.