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Saturday, 28 February 2015

I am at crossroad

I am at crossroad,
you will call me an insane,
but before that I would doubt your sanity.

I am at crossroad,
she asks me to move on,
but she has green signals, all four on.

I am at crossroad
I am no bonker,
but I am not less than a choker.

I am at crossroad,
one world is ready to follow me,
but another is  behind me.

I am at crossroad,
with my feet kissing the road,
with my back fussing of load.

I am life.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On the hill side top

Seeking I stand. On the hill side top.
Staring through the stars ..

 For the brightest stop.

Grazing through.. 

I felt a pinch.. 
A little was peaking in.

Searching my search . 

Confused within.. 

Trying to think.. 

My thinking still.

Finding me confused and lost in the gaze...

 It pushed me aside and jumped down in the haze...

I freaked and stared ...

 Trembled within... 

Couldn't find the trace there... 
Realising the holy prayer...
Brought back the kid in the nightmare...

I am u just u within... 

Be carefree and cover the distance complete...
 Searching through them won't make you one.
 Go down deep.. 
Fearless .. 
To rise up till there.