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Thursday, 9 February 2012

lost CALMness

is this the morning i have been waiting for?
came out from the room of darkness...
grinning and snarling..
saw outside with my twinkling eyes..
the twinkling stars were lost ....
but a star with its vastness
was there still near the horizon..
waiting to show his harshness
but for now it was there to redeem the lost freshness..
but was it enough to fill me up with calmness..
that i have been waiting for?
but it was still far enough .
for me this morning was still like the evening..
where i could see that
i was getting pushed away
to lost in the darkness of my snatched calmness..
i am all alone sitting solitary ,
asking myself
is this the morning i have been waiting for?


Anonymous said...

smtimes the face of life is so clear that it makes u speechless and so has ur poem ,marvellous