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Thursday, 18 September 2014

A mile of smile

I sit on the verge,
I take on her surge.

I talk with no one,
I smile with someone.

I walk with air,
I sit with, to share.

I glance with fury,
 I stare her in hurry.

She asks me to smile
I think of her mile.

She laughs onto my face
I compel her to chase.

I drag her thru mile

She caught me smile.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Beauty and The truth !

Beauty …
Beauty I saw …
Beauty I saw inside…
Beauty I saw beneath…
The truth inside, the truth beneath….
You asked the same, you asked the name …
He replied, he replied the way you asked …
You treed and he freed
And that’s the way you asked to geed.

You might wonder
You might ponder
How is he?
What is “his beauty”?
Or is it “her beauty”?
He answered!
“You are the beauty …you are the beauty.
Truth inside is your beauty

Truth beneath is your beauty.”

Friday, 5 September 2014

Blank I Am

Well it’s a 2nd day,

Or say consecutive day.

I have been thru,

Thru so many blank days,

Coming on you.

Well whether  its 2nd day or some consecutive day,

No... Its normal sun, its normal noon, normal evening, normal star, normal night.

Oh! Wait!

Well for me it’s not normal……..see you next day.

It’s a blank night now…………………….!





Thursday, 4 September 2014

Me and she

He sits, and sits with open eyes.
Glares at her, the beauty in her, and the charm in her.
The nature and her blaze, outshines every memory in him.
There goes a fight in him and her,
He fights to defy her with deep weaved memories,
He fights to defy her with those intense ailing.
He sits, and sits with open eyes.
But has already been closed,
Dreaming of all old memories
Dreaming of all ailing.
And seeing herself defied,
She in her charm got lost and more of intensified.
"It was all i got wet this way with heavy cloud hovering above me."