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Sunday, 25 December 2011


With every single word,
you complete my song.
As long as u stay here in my words,
i'll carry you along.

With every season,
with every dawn,
u are the reason , i am not alone.

With every dusk and every night,
you are my lust,
and you always here through my sight.

In the fight with loneliness ,
you always stay side by side..........

nature's she

Glancing down the dusky reddish sky,
i fumbled over her cheeks,
staring over the blueness of the far lying sky,
i went into her glaring eye.

Sinking down
underneath the ocean of her  softness,
i felt the coldness of her lips.
Walking over the solitary lane of her rememberance,
i touched her divine fragrance.
Waiting for the chance of her glance,
i swept into her romance......!!!!!!!