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Sunday, 9 December 2018

I don't lie

In this time,
of can keep me
till I don't lie.
I don't lie,
all this time...
only if you can keep me.

I may not be the last thing..
So in love...
I may be the first one there...

All this time,
of can keep me
till I don't lie.
I don't lie ...
all this time...
only if you can keep me.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Bring me those...

Those places I will remember,
empty roads..dusky evenings.
Those faces I will remember,
shying away...staring eyes.

I got no those words anymore,
I got no those space anymore.

Now you happen to cherish those
Now you happen to bring those.....

Friday, 20 July 2018

Living beyond seasons.

It is this winter, we possessed our tears;
The tears, which weren't easy.
It is this summer, we will be taking it easy;
Those smiles, which won't be hazy.

This is your story, or may be mine as well;
doesn't matter of course for a while.
As we last forever,
It is now or never.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Let's loose to evening....

They all love being mystic,
They all love being alone...
They wait till you fade...

It's all in the evening, 
It's all when they prepare to be gloomy.
Let's meet in the morning,
Let's chase the evening.
Let's lose to evening....

They all are not alone
They all are not mystic.
As they lose to evening,
They make love in the morning.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Life and seasons.

I tried to read the season which life has offered to me,
I tried to bring elements of nature to portray their task, 
assigned for the season to exist.
Season for me and season for you might be different or might not be,
The elements of nature has always the same task, to give the season a color.

Life, for me always has asked for the choices of colors which nature can wear.
Life, for me always has given me liberty to pick those elements of nature for the season.

It is me who sometimes cheat on life, not showing enough faith,
It is me who picks dark shades of color, it is me who fails in picking those right elements.

But what has not failed till now, is the existence of season. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Thousand stars waiting for us

you do,
I do
every body does like the way it is.
The sun in the evening,
The moon in between,
thousand stars waiting for us 
to stare, to glance within.

Its the evening,
here is the Sun
here is the signal of moon coming in between
here is the twinkling just started.

Here she was, not alongside,
but within.
helping me to draw,
draw the figure of love,
draw the figure of joy,
all with those stars.

Its me, bringing the cloud between
Its me, bringing the darkness within.

Is she still here ?
lost somewhere?

Let the cloud go,
let the darkness to the brim,
She will come
she will come.