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Friday, 31 August 2012

"the truth"

i "feel" or
i can say "i think"
what gonna happen
if someday i gonna know "the truth"
the truth  from which you people are not awared
or you people do not wanna face "the truth"

"the truth" is .........
oh! wait
don't be silly
don't be queasy

this truth is meant only for me
not for she '
or not for he
rather also not for thee

the truth is
i also don't know the truth....

ya but i feel ....i gonna leave u all soon...
oh! wait
am not gonna die.

ya but feel
काश  मुझे  भी ये  truth मालूम  होता !

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I or WE

oh! no
its we......
let it be..
lets start with "I"
I just feel the pain
but need
"we" to heal the strain....
why we live with no loss no gain...
why we need to share the pain....

but again someone will say
why i should stay just to portray
as i have no pain and strain
just to prove " no loss no gain" ....

if you could prove
you  are ready to bargain....
then i am ready to bear the loss without the gain.

oh! sory
we gonna bear the loss without gain....

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

एक आस...!

       ज़िन्दगी  से मै जो खफा खफा सा  रहने  लगा
       मिला   था  कोई यहाँ
       पर वो भी कहीं खोया -खोया सा रहने  लगा
       मासूम था मै कभी
       पर अपनी मासूमीयत से भी महरूम हो  गया
       पास   बैठी  चिड़िया भी 
       अब पास ना  रह गयी थी
       इस नदिया की धारा
       भी अब चंचल ना रह गयी थी

       बस आस है उस बगीया से
       जिसकी कलियाँ मूझे निहार रही थी .........

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thinking Through

sitting behind i thought so deep
where do i belong and where do i keep.

thinking long made me sleep
with my thoughts in my dreams.

puzzled at the end was all i could be
searching amidst the faces ,
a face i wanted to see.

even my sleep couldnt reach to thee 
still i sit behind and think equally deep.

Friday, 17 August 2012

sweetness in her charm..

from the dole of doves....
to the farm of cloves.

and from the role of  love
to the charm of  jay...
I could stay whole day
With the realm of  fay…

From  the wheel of the tram
 To the city of bay…
I could feel the sweetness
in her charm..
as long as i stay

Sunday, 5 August 2012

bashing brawl...

 Am i alone...
or someone is there to call me upon
but if i am alone..
i am afraid of being thrown..
i am afraid of being blown..
so i asked her '
lets  stroll with the shadow of my soul
bcz i crawl and no one  is with me
 in this bashing brawl...
so lets stroll ...lets stroll...
bcz i am alone.....

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

i find no reason to celebrate....

she has been so deliberate,
i need something to compensate
but before that i have to find
why does she underestimate
i had never been so passionate
and so now i do repent
on ' why does she met?
i find no reason to celebrate....