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Friday, 10 July 2015

Thousand stars waiting for us

you do,
I do
every body does like the way it is.
The sun in the evening,
The moon in between,
thousand stars waiting for us 
to stare, to glance within.

Its the evening,
here is the Sun
here is the signal of moon coming in between
here is the twinkling just started.

Here she was, not alongside,
but within.
helping me to draw,
draw the figure of love,
draw the figure of joy,
all with those stars.

Its me, bringing the cloud between
Its me, bringing the darkness within.

Is she still here ?
lost somewhere?

Let the cloud go,
let the darkness to the brim,
She will come
she will come.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

You me and moments

Lost are those moments.
Gathered and lived inside are,
Freedom, expressions, and emotions.
Remembered and few hidden, are the limitless.
Limitless are not memories,
But are canvas and its colors.
Are they fresh as green or blushing like red,
Rather are uniqueness in the colors.
Never worried were those eyes,
as they happened to be today.

Those are the lost moments.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Thousands of her.

Every time I am on her,
I have thousands to utter out.

every time I am uttering out,
I have thousands to dream of.

every time I dream of,
I have thousands to crush into.

everytime I crush into,
I have thousands to smile for.

everytime I smile for,
I have thousands of day I live into.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

I am at crossroad

I am at crossroad,
you will call me an insane,
but before that I would doubt your sanity.

I am at crossroad,
she asks me to move on,
but she has green signals, all four on.

I am at crossroad
I am no bonker,
but I am not less than a choker.

I am at crossroad,
one world is ready to follow me,
but another is  behind me.

I am at crossroad,
with my feet kissing the road,
with my back fussing of load.

I am life.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On the hill side top

Seeking I stand. On the hill side top.
Staring through the stars ..

 For the brightest stop.

Grazing through.. 

I felt a pinch.. 
A little was peaking in.

Searching my search . 

Confused within.. 

Trying to think.. 

My thinking still.

Finding me confused and lost in the gaze...

 It pushed me aside and jumped down in the haze...

I freaked and stared ...

 Trembled within... 

Couldn't find the trace there... 
Realising the holy prayer...
Brought back the kid in the nightmare...

I am u just u within... 

Be carefree and cover the distance complete...
 Searching through them won't make you one.
 Go down deep.. 
Fearless .. 
To rise up till there.