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Saturday, 8 October 2011


how does it feel whn u cry ur heart out still no one pays any heed r maybe the whole world sees but the only eyes u want to meet is not  der not exactly missing bt just too busy to notice urs .u shout u scream u do nythng bt it doesnt falls on the ears at all then the thought arises how can one b so alone so incomplete so helplesss because just one ear is missing .so  dependent  our lives are bt worth only whn the person holding it feels  the weight and makes it light for u . the moment the person holdng mks it light for himself or herself it becomes heavy for u coz the one to hold is no more there to support the one to stnd has taken a stepp back.the pain of soul leaving the body is so quite that no ones feels the jerk but the sweet pain that persists makes one die and so is the impact . but matrs whn only that soul was yours and only yours hence
     long has been the wait to thee
    long has been the eyes beneath
    still longing to end longingness of the aching soul
    still longing to have u with me

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